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Fund-Raising Guidelines
We believe that even through fund-raising, God can use the way we conducted ourselves as an opportunity to witness to a watching, unbelieving world. Honesty and integrity are most important. For this reason, we take fund-raising very seriously as it represents God’s ministry, the Honduras Dental Project. Therefore, we have established some guidelines for fundraising that must be adhered to:

  1. We understand that the ministry of the Honduras Dental Project (HDP)
    belongs to God.

  2. Because it is God’s ministry, we will diligently devote ourselves as
    servants and stewards to Him. God gives and sometimes He takes away. If He ever decides that His work provided by the Honduras Dental Project is finished, we will whole-heartedly accept His decision.

  3. Funding is a sure way to gauge God’s stamp of approval on the Honduras Dental Project and His desire for continuance. He has graciously blessed and provided to allow HDP to come into existence and it is our belief that He will provide for all the needs we will have. It is through His people that this has been accomplished. When we have need, we will make our needs known. We will never be disrespectful or dishonorable in our methods, no matter how great our need.

  4. We understand the sacrifice that was made by the giver and we will honor their intent. We will use the money wisely in the continuance of the ministry. There will be no frivolous spending.

  5. We will provide receipts for all donations for tax deduction purposes.
  6. We will pay all our bills in a timely fashion and not operate in deficit.

  7. We respect the privacy of our supporters. No private information will ever be given out.

To learn more about sponsoring the Honduras Dental Project,
please contact our Treasurer, Kim Martin | email

February 2008
The HDP facility officially opens with ribbon ceremony.

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April 2006
The HDP posts
fund-raising guidelines for supporters.

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March 2006
Article on HDP's impact is published.

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